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Intercontinental Aviation Enterprise strives to cultivate a vibrant community of aviation enthusiasts and aspires to stand at the forefront of the industry as a world-class powerhouse. Our expansion across multifaceted domains further underscores our distinction as the preferred Enterprise.


IAE undertakes its operations for services either directly through its team of highly qualified professionals or indirectly through the companies that are owned, operated, or partnered with the Enterprise itself. Our services are provided through our partners and the organizations affiliated with Intercontinental Aviation Enterprise. We are proudly recognized as a holding company that executes direct management for other organizations. Our primary focus is delivering quality service operations in marketing, training, management, and more.

General Aviation Development and Management

IAO takes the helm in providing comprehensive solutions across
various segments of aviation development and management:
- Aviation management, development, and expert consultation
- Cutting-edge aviation marketing strategies
- Pioneering aviation technology development initiatives
- Strategic civil aviation organization development endeavors
- Tailored airport development strategies
- Facilitating dynamic airlines and charter services
- Delivering unmatched private jet services
- Groundbreaking airport ground services
- Proficient general aviation management

Aviation Training Services

Our training portfolio is equally robust, covering a broad spectrum of aviation realms:
- Spearheading flight training organizations (FTO) and approved training organizations (ATO), collaborating with NorthFly, Beirut Wings, ESMA, and Airways Aviation for project creation, management, and development
- Orchestrating elite pilot training in partnership with Airways Aviation Global and esteemed FTOs and ATOs such as BW, NF, and ESMA
- Pioneering drone training facilitated by ESMA and Drone Turkey
- Fostering amateur, youth, and junior development, priming them for a future in aviation with the aid of Airways Aviation and PilotX

Private jet and charter rentals

IAO boasts a team of professionals specializing in charter services. Dedication is given to tailoring a jet that aligns with your distinctive requests and requirements. Our commitment extends to delivering the epitome of comfort and luxury in all our services, prioritizing safety and innovation in every flight. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses:
- Private Jet Services
-Group Air Charter

MArketing SERVICES for


A Team of Digital Pioneers:

Within IAO, a dynamic team of digital and social media trail blazers emerges, armed with a global wealth of experience. This diverse pool of expertise extends far and wide, encompassing collaborations with some of the world's most renowned companies. Our digital footprint enhancement prowess has taken flight through these partnerships, seamlessly transitioning into the aviation sector.

A Team of Digital Pioneers:
The acumen of our adept team continues to soar as we meticulously optimize and tailor distinctive marketing campaigns that align seamlessly with individual requirements. These strategic campaigns unfold like well-choreographed dances, invoking heightened marketing responses as a harmonious outcome. Our creative journey begins with an in-depth understanding of our client's aspirations. It becomes the foundation upon which we weave our strategies, leveraging our profound proficiency to surpass their expectations.