Our Group is strategically positioned to lead innovation and development within the aviation sector, particularly focusing on aviation training.

In alliance with global leading partners, we have strategically positioned ourselves to participate in the industry's evolution, shaping the future of aviation through initiatives that resonate deeply with our foundational values and mission.

At the core of our operations are our distinguished aviation training academies in Lebanon and Cyprus and an operation in Turkey that resulted in a successful exit in the last quarter.
Our institutions stand as beacons of our educational mission and our dedication to elevating industry standards.

Currently, our sights are set on expanding our operations and training academies and courses, with substantial investments targeting emergent opportunities across the Middle East and Europe.

Wissam Mehyou
Chairman & CEO

Our commitment is centered on implementing the company's strategic objectives and fulfilling our promise to enhance value for our investors.

We aim to garner strategic partnerships and investment opportunities, especially in aviation training, to continue on our mission to address the rising demand of aviation personnel.

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