Ticket to Fly

Ticket to Fly

Flying his first plane at the young age of 16, Arthur Stanislaus has now realized his dream of becoming a pilot.

Mr. Stanislaus completed his Diploma of Aviation earlier last month at the Airways Aviation academy in Queensland, Australia and is qualified to kick-start a full-time career in aviation.

The 23-year-old said it was a key milestone in his young career.

“I’m very happy to have finished my training and it has been a fun experience,” Mr. Stanislaus said.

“It means that I’m now one step further in my new career as a pilot. I can’t wait to start working.

“I always wanted to become a pilot and when I started working as an aircraft mechanic my passion to fly grew even further.”

The Queensland resident first took to the air as a teenager and said his love of flying blossomed from the experience.

“I first flew a Cessna 172 in Malaysia. I absolutely loved it and made a plan to become a pilot.”

Mr. Stanislaus is one many domestic and international students who have chosen to study with Airways Aviation. The company is expanding rapidly around the globe, opening ground schools and flight centers in Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, the United Kingdom and Montenegro.

Airways Aviation currently operates in Australia at two Queensland bases, on at Gold Coast and Caloundra airports.

Mr. Stanislaus said the challenges of flying and the support of staff, instructors and students at Airways Aviation cemented his desire to become a pilot.

“Every flight you conduct is different and challenging and you explore more each time,” he said.

“Eventually I want to fly with the big boys in an airline.

“I’m glad I did my training here at Airways Aviation. The staff have been helpful and supportive.”


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