The Aviation Industry is experiencing an extraordinary rebound and upward trajectory with unprecedented aircraft orders. This is against the backdrop of the need to keep up with the demands created by growing populations, affordable and easy access to air travel and the need for more connectivity domestically and across the globe amongst other things.

However, although the coming years will usher in a period filled with opportunities in the realms of air freight, business & leisure, it is also putting very significant demands on the aviation education and training sector to which the Airways Aviation Group belongs, to deliver the vast numbers of the qualified professionals needed to operate, manage, and fly the current and future fleets of aircraft and associated facilities. This includes everything from pilots to cabin crew, maintenance & engineering and ground handling to managers and administrators.

The recent pandemic caught the world off guard, resulting in the suspension of most commercial flying activity and cancellation of training programs when countries abruptly shut their borders and airports in 2020 and after facing a period of forced downsizing, consolidation, bankruptcy, and closures.

The good news is that the aviation industry has transitioned from an un-precedented crisis during COVID into a series of quickly emerging ‘new’ opportunities. Interestingly, the Chinese word for “crisis," consists of two symbols representing “danger" and "opportunity" side by side and there are numerous encouraging signs of progress as Airlines shift focus from crisis to a future filled with renewed opportunity.

The Aviation Industry is one of the world’s most vital facilitators and feeders connecting practically every major and minor city and town on the planet this facilitating employment, business, and commerce across a plethora of sectors.

A safe, efficient, and properly functioning aviation sector is crucial for mature and developing markets alike and developing countries in particular benefit from increased self-determination and economic independence as they grow their aviation sectors.

“The time is now for aspiring commercial pilots to pursue their dreams, adopt a proactive approach and individually position themselves to seize the opportunities that abound. At Airways Aviation, we aim to empower our students to become the very best commercial pilots by instilling in them the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to qualify and earn their wings” says Romy Hawatt - Airways Aviation Group - Founder and Chairman

If you are interested in becoming a Commercial Pilot or if you were previously enrolled in training with other schools and wanting to advance your education and training, we offer special transfer packages to our various academies. Please contact info@airwaysaviation.com for more information.

About Airways Aviation - ESMA

With over 35 years of international experience and a growing number of education & training locations strategically positioned across Europe, the Middle East and Australia, the Airways Aviation Group boasts being the largest privately owned group of multidisciplinary aviation academies of its kind delivering first class Military and Commercial Pilot training.

Our advanced education & training programs couple practical & theory techniques within courses that are designed to match the rapidly increasing demand for Military and Civil clients seeking optimum training and licensing outcomes.

The Airways Aviation Group has trained more than 9,000 EASA and CASA certified commercial pilots, graduated over 25,000 cabin crew members, ground handling and maintenance professionals, and maintains Europe's largest fleet of Diamond DA40, Diamond DA42 aircraft.

along with multiple Cessna 172, Cessna 182, and Piper Seminole aircraft with a diverse range of avionics systems and retractable undercarriage.

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