Katrina’s Testimonial

Katrina’s Testimonial

The sky is the limit. The freedom of flight and my love for aircrafts motivated me to pursue a career as a pilot. In fact, though this might sound a cliché, us student pilots are addicted to adrenaline. The thrill of flying never ends, and the keenness to acquire further knowledge does not end!

Despite the hardships that Lebanon has faced, Airways Aviation Lebanon has provided student pilots like me excellent ground school classes and flying lessons with great, experienced instructors. I successfully completed the Foundation Course at the age of 16, and this was the first challenge I encountered. Balancing between high school and the Foundation course was intense. However, thanks to my hard work and to my instructors’ teaching skills, I was able to be the youngest in my class to successfully complete the course.

My first flight is a small milestone. “Aren’t you scared?” was a question my friends and family kept asking. Having control over an aircraft gave me an insight over the sense of responsibility and the discipline that I should have as a pilot. I also cannot forget the overjoy I felt after seeing Beirut from above 5000 ft!

I believe that every student pilot has his/her own path to pursue their career as a pilot. As for me, after flight school, I envision myself as an instructor as a way to build hours to apply for the airlines.


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