Intercontinental Aviation Enterprise is targeting to grow its training capacity by 100% by 2025.

Intercontinental Aviation Enterprise is targeting to grow its training capacity by 100% by 2025.

. The Intercontinental aviation organization announced its Holding’s rebranding and international incorporation to expand in the Middle Eastern Market.

. Frederico Fernandes, will lead international business development and innovation for the holding, with a focus on expansion of the business-to-business clients and enhancing student pilot experience and market placement.  

Dubai, United Arab Emirates; 15 April 2024: Dubai — Intercontinental Aviation Enterprise, a subsidiary of Mehyou Group, has unveiled its ambitious plans to double its aviation training capacity by the year 2025. 


This strategic growth initiative marks a significant milestone in the company's mission to enhance global aviation training standards and accessibility. The expansion plan includes a comprehensive rebranding and international incorporation strategy to bolster its presence in the Middle Eastern and global market, with a robust investment plan in the aviation industry of up to 40 million dollars in the next five years.


The rebranding effort will reflect the company's commitment to excellence, innovation, and the future of aviation. In conjunction with these developments, Intercontinental Aviation Enterprise is proud to announce the appointment of Frederico Fernandes as Deputy CEO for Business Development and Innovation. 


Frederico Fernandes brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in the aviation sector, with expertise in fostering business-to-business initiatives, government relations, and investment management and innovation.


"Intercontinental Aviation Enterprises is poised to make a strategic investment in the future of aviation, particularly in pilot training, where there's a projected demand for over 260,000 new pilots," stated Frederico Fernandes. "Our vision extends beyond mere expansion; we aim to revolutionize the industry's approach to aviation training. By pioneering innovative solutions and enhancing our educational offerings in ground schools, we are focused on meeting the needs of student pilots and surpassing the expectations of airlines and operators worldwide. It's about elevating the entire ecosystem of aviation, one pilot at a time."


In a strategic move marking the expansion of Intercontinental Aviation Enterprise, Capt. Wissam Mehyou, Chairman and CEO, unveiled the incorporation of the Holding in the United Arab Emirates.

"Our alliance with leading global partners shows our commitment to be at the helm of the aviation sector's evolution. We see this establishment in the United Arab Emirates as strategic for our plans in the region," said Capt. Mehyou. "Central to our expansion in the Middle East are our academies in Lebanon and Cyprus, which are on track to train 100 pilots by the year's end."

With the industry's urgent need for qualified aviators, Intercontinental Aviation Enterprise is meticulously evaluating investment opportunities to amplify our capacity, aiming to address a significant portion of the worldwide demand for pilots. "As the aviation sector confronts ongoing challenges in training capacity and sustainability, our focus is clear: to scale up our capabilities and to continue providing the industry with highly skilled, flight-ready professionals," he added.



About Intercontinental Aviation Enterprise

Intercontinental Aviation Enterprise is a holding company within Mehyou Group that specializes in aviation training, management and services. 




About Mehyou Group


Established in Lebanon, Mehyou Group traces its origins back to 1980, when it was founded by the visionary entrepreneur Mr. Ahmad Mehyou. Embarking on a journey towards excellence, Mr. Mehyou established a solid business foundation in agriculture, trade and manufacturing, construction and contracting, and real estate development. His ambitious pursuits laid the groundwork for a regional beacon of innovation and growth.


Today, under the Group’s CEO Wissam Mehyou's leadership, along with Dr. Zeina Mehyou, Raja Mehyou, and investment associates, Mehyou Group has witnessed sustainable growth. 

The Group now boasts a diversified portfolio of companies, including ones within the aviation, trading and manufacturing, construction and contracting, technology development, hospitality, and real estate sectors.


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