How to Become a Pilot: From the Home Couch to the Airplane Cockpit

How to Become a Pilot: From the Home Couch to the Airplane Cockpit

As many hundreds of new pilots are needed in the next four years, initiatives like easyJet reopening applications for the 2024 Pilot Training Programme are booming. The drive to recruit 1,000 new pilots by 2028 highlights the increasing demand in the aviation industry.

This may surprise many, but this need existed before the pandemic and has reached new heights recently. I clearly remember some national airlines offering direct course sponsorship and some regulatory changes that were made.

The demand is back more robust. While grants are an exception and mostly come from a few national airlines, most aspiring pilots must invest in their dream job. Yes, it is a smart investment, one of the best we can do, but the great news is that organizations like ours are well-equipped to move faster and train pilots from their home coach to the cockpit in less than two years.

With investments in new fleets, locations, and partnerships, our students can complete their licenses with comprehensive flying training, including Type Rating and baseline training. The path to becoming a pilot is now more streamlined, allowing for a faster and more efficient journey from aspiring aviator to certified pilot.

Access our school website to learn more about our programs. We are here to make your flying dreams come true, guiding you every step from the comfort of your home to the thrill of the cockpit.

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