Global Pilot Training Group Airways Aviation Partners with Assessment Tool Provider Symbiotics

Global Pilot Training Group Airways Aviation Partners with Assessment Tool Provider Symbiotics

Airways Aviation, a provider of world-class pilot training, and Symbiotics, experts in psychometric assessment for the aviation industry, have partnered to support cadets by providing their ADAPT assessments ahead of commercial pilot training.

Airways Aviation operates one of the largest fleets of privately owned training aircraft worldwide. Their vision is to train, educate, shape, and deliver a new generation of aviation industry professionals as they assert themselves as a dominant private provider of quality aviation education and training globally for civilian and military customers.

Symbiotics has a deep understanding of the aviation industry’s unique requirements and the critical skills, attributes, and competencies needed in aspiring pilots. Both organisations will work together using Symbiotics’ ADAPT assessment suite to ensure a confident selection process, whilst supporting Airways Aviation with their commitment to providing a higher level of professional pilot training.

Airways Aviation Global COO and CCO Alexandre Alves says, “Having such a geographical dispersion, working with different aeronautical regulations, with airlines, whitetail students, military customers and other stakeholders brings a lot of challenges to Airways Aviation operations. One of the challenges is to maintain a standard of quality in all regions of the world. Despite originally having assessment processes in place, we concluded they were not providing enough reporting or assessing all the topics we needed. Knowing the ADAPT assessments and in particular the Symbiotics team behind it, Airways Aviation management concluded it was the solution we needed. This will allow us to have an assessment standard globally and provide detailed reporting to our B2B customers feeling comfortable we are enrolling the best future pilots and cabin crew possible.

Symbiotics’ Technical Director, Richard Brecknell added “We are delighted to be working with the Airways Aviation team to support them with their vision to train, educate and shape a new generation of industry professionals. ADAPT assessments have been developed by both our psychology team and in-house development team and will enable Airways Aviation to ensure they are providing a consistently high level of selection ahead of delivering pilot training. Our new partnership will support Airways Aviation in their aspirations by providing detailed reporting to their B2B customers and supporting them in maintaining a global standard of quality. We look forward to a successful partnership in 2023 and beyond, helping the Airways Aviation team to help to deliver the significant number of qualified pilots that are much needed by the industry.

About Airways Aviation
With over 45 years of experience, Airways Aviation is now one of the largest aviation training and education companies in the world, offering high quality and high-capacity training through a network of academies spread in 10 countries of 4 continents both to the civilian and military markets. Providing pilot, cabin crew, maintenance and ground services Ab Initio training, Airways Aviation academies are approved by EASA (Europe), CASA (Australia), CAAC (China) and ICAO (through several local authorities). Having trained over 35.000 aviation professionals since inception, Airways Aviation enrolled in 2023 to date almost 1000 students throughout the different courses and the plan is to double it in 2024.

About Symbiotics Ltd
Symbiotics are expert providers of pre-screening and assessments for Pilots, Cabin Crew, Maintenance Engineer, Dispatchers and Airline Management. Symbiotics provides assessment & selection, training, and consultancy services in over 130 locations spread through 80 countries across five continents. We support the aviation industry including airlines, Flight Schools, OEMs, Business Jet operators and other aviation businesses. Symbiotics fully believe that accurate assessment is the cornerstone of people success. We look to form long-lasting relationships with our clients and other industry stakeholders for the benefit of the sector. We use our skills and experience as a specialist aviation assessment provider to work continuously to improve assessments to ensure fair, relevant, and quality testing of candidates.



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