French Flight Academy Selects FlightLogger for Training Management

French Flight Academy Selects FlightLogger for Training Management

Airways Aviation Academy – ESMA, a French flight academy, is the latest flight training organization to go live on FlightLogger’s software. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Airways Aviation Academy – ESMA as they embrace innovative technology to further streamline and enhance their training operations.

In total, the Airways Aviation Group has trained more than 9,000 commercial pilots, graduated over 25,000 cabin crew, ground handling and maintenance professionals, and maintains over 70 aircraft in its global fleet made of Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Cessna 182, Piper Seminole, Tecnam P2002, Tecnam P2010, Tecnam P2006 and the largest fleet of Diamond Aircraft (DA40 and DA42) in Europe.

FlightLogger is set to serve as the central flight training management platform for Airways Aviation Academy – ESMA, enabling the academy to manage their daily scheduling, training programs, and student records digitally. With this transition, Airways Aviation Group aims to optimize their processes, ensuring a seamless experience for both their students and instructors.

“We have been working with FlightLogger for many years in several of our training locations worldwide, starting with our operation in Australia in 2015,” stated Alexandre Alves, Global COO & CCO of Airways Aviation Group. “During our group integration process, we consider everything that can help us standardize and simplify our operation. When we assessed our flight ops management system in France, we relied on our vast experience with FlightLogger and determined that it was the best solution in terms of system and support. With multiple training operations in different geographies, FlightLogger allows us to have an easy overview of the operation, proper control, and the ability to easily transfer students, instructors, or other assets from one base to another.”

By leveraging FlightLogger’s features, students, instructors, and staff will have access to a range of tools designed to simplify resource management, enable efficient communication, and ensure accurate record-keeping.

Source: French Flight Academy Selects FlightLogger for Training Management | Halldale Group


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