Edging closer to an aviation career

Edging closer to an aviation career

Thanesh Jayandran’s childhood dream of becoming a pilot is taking flight.

Mr Jayandran, originally from Malaysia, completed his first solo flight in September and is edging closer to completing his Private Pilot Licence as an international student at the Airways Aviation base in Queensland, Australia.

“Completing my first solo flight means a lot to me,” Mr Jayandran said.

“The sense of accomplishment of being able to command an aircraft all by myself is amazing.

“Besides landing, there is a real sense of pride in knowing that you are behind the controls. I was always looking forward to my solo flight, so having reached that level of competency was an incredible feeling.”

With this major career milestone achieved, Mr Jayandran is now looking forward to an exciting future.

“My goal is to be able to fly for world-renowned airlines across the globe,” he said.

Mr Jayandran revealed his love of flying and his respect for those in control dated back to his early years.

“I’ve dreamt of becoming a pilot since I was a young boy,” he said.

“I’ve always admired pilots as very bold people who share a great passion and enthusiasm of flying passengers around the world safely which is a really huge responsibility.

“While traveling on planes I’ve always enjoyed staring out the window while admiring the breathtaking view from above the clouds.

“It made me realise that an office with a view would beat a desk job any day.”

Mr Jayandran said the professional approach by Airways Aviation had given him confidence to pursue a career in the industry.

“Airways Aviation has given me great support in helping me kick start my voyage into the aviation industry,” he said.

Mr Jayandran will continue to study and fly with Airways Aviation until he completes his Private Pilot Licence.


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