Aviation Industry Outlook - Chronic Shortage of Industry Professionals as the demand keeps rising

Aviation Industry Outlook - Chronic Shortage of Industry Professionals as the demand keeps rising

As the aerospace industry continues to shake off the post-COVID shackles, Airlines and others across the globe are rapidly getting back on track with a plethora of new and emerging opportunities at both civilian and military levels.

The numbers keep growing but various estimates based on new civilian aircraft orders and other industry indicators suggest that the Asia Pacific demand for new Airline Pilots over the coming 15 or so years is still projected to be circa 250,000 with North America requiring circa 120,000, Europe circa 110,000, the Middle East 70,000, Latin America 55,000, Africa 25,000, and CIS / Russia 25,000.

Demand for new cabin crew, engineers, ground handling and other support professionals (from ticketing through to refuelling professionals) is conservatively estimated to be circa 50 x the number of pilots, topping 32.5 million new positions globally.

To add to this, the conflict in Ukraine and threat of a further conflict with China has also triggered unprecedented increases in military budgets and spending with incredibly significant portions those budgets being allocated to military aerospace sectors. “He who controls the skies controls the war” as the saying goes and there has never been a greater need by the military forces of most nations to recruit qualified aviation professionals.

Whilst some are busy recommissioning and putting existing fleets of aircraft back on-line, others are investing heavily into new aircraft and expanding their fleets and flight schedules to satisfy the demand for passenger, cargo and military aviation solutions to meet the needs of the next decade or two.

The opportunity to develop careers as airline and military pilots, cabin crew, engineers, ground handling and support professionals has never been higher with regional, domestic and international carriers increasingly searching outside their traditional home sources and locations to recruit, train and develop as well as head-hunt skilled, qualified and experienced professionals.

The bounce-back and increases in current & forecast demand (even in this time of global economic and geopolitical uncertainty) is unprecedented and the Airways Aviation Group AIRWAYS AVIATION ACADEMY – ESMA along with its industry partners CAE Civil and CAE Defense & Security continue to posture to meet and satisfy the global requirements by creating balanced, innovative and sustainable solutions to fill the pipeline with the aviation professionals required.

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Romy Hawatt

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