Aviation Foundation Course graduates from Malaysia commence flight training in Australia

Aviation Foundation Course graduates from Malaysia commence flight training in Australia

A recent cohort of students who completed the Aviation Foundation Course at our school in Malaysia have commenced their Certificate IV in Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence Aeroplane) at our Pilot Training Academy on the Gold Coast, Australia.

The five students have all begun the practical aspect of their training, logging flying hours over the picturesque land and seascapes of South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

With some flight time under their belts, the group are now busily completing the next stage of their theory studies before undertaking more intensive and advanced flight training modules.

Jia Hang Leong is pleased he began his initial studies with an Aviation Foundation Course in Malaysia, saying ‘It's a great preparation for future study. It's like the roots of a tree. The tree is strong only if the roots are strong.’

Devendran Parathi Thasan also completed an Aviation Foundation Course in Malaysia before commencing full flight training in Australia. He says, ‘I’ve found that the Foundation Course has made stepping into my studies in Australia easier. My instructors in Malaysia and in Australia have been so supportive and have inspired me to love aviation. Airways Aviation is the aviation school that future pilots should choose to achieve their dreams!’

Laurence Beraldo, Airways Aviation General Manager for Australia knows first hand the thrill that comes from commencing flight training. He is a man passionate about aviation and quality flight training: ‘We are delighted to welcome our latest cohort of student pilots. These are a group of people embarking on a journey of lifelong learning in an exciting industry with work/life opportunities that span the globe. Success in aviation comes from self-discipline, commitment, and at times sacrifice.’ The hard work and sacrifice does have great rewards, Mr Beraldo assures his Airways Aviation students, ‘For you may one day be working in one of the the world’s best offices – one with a view from 30,000 ft!’

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Laurence Beraldo - Airways Aviation General Manager, Australia: l.beraldo@airwaysaviation.com


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