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June 9, 2014
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Legacy of Flight “Live Auction” Items

note sheetsOnly 10 days away from the Legacy of Flight. I am going to post an update each day! Today is the Live Auction. Walt Robertson from Keeneland will be auctioning some outstanding items that you do not want to miss. Here is the list:

      • Flight for 9 on the Memphis Belle, a WWII B-17
      • Horse farm Tours…Three Chimneys, Spy Coast, and more
      • UPS Flight Sim Experience for 4
      • NASA Challenger Learning Center Package (for school or organization…32 max)
      • Bourbon Trail Tour for Two in IAE’s Twin Comanche
      • Yak Formation Flight over Louisville
      • Private Pilot Certificate from IAE and Award Winning CFI, Mike Wagers (minimum $4000)
      • CRJ Sim Experience at Flight Safety International’s St Louis Center
      • 10 Person Kentucky Speedway Nascar Package with Victor Unruh’s Party Bus ($1500 minimum)

Buy your Legacy of Flight tickets here!


May 22, 2014
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2014 IAE Flight Challenge

PrintAnother great IAE event, the Flight Challenge concluded on Saturday. IAE students participated in various events: aeronautical knowledge, aircraft recognition, the flight plan, preflight inspection, and a flight sim profile. Taylor Co High School edged out Frankfort High School to take first place. South Warren High School finished third. This was the first time that the IAE Flight Challenge took place during the WDC.

Many thanks to all of our volunteers, facilitators, and staff for making this event possible. The awards for the IAE Flight Challenge will be presented at the Legacy of Flight.

May 22, 2014
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2014 Wing Design Competition

Untitled-1The 2014 WDC is in the books and for the second year in a row, Conner High School (Hebron) took first place honors. You can see students pushing design limits as they mature in this project each year. With 24 teams from two states, this event has become the national standard for aerospace engineering application. Once we have the media files, we will share album on Facebook and other web outlets. Many thanks to the organizers, NASA Kentucky and UK College of Engineering. Also, our sponsors of the event: Lake Cumberland Regional Airport, Stantec, and The Society of American Military Engineers.

The 2014 WDC results are listed below:

  1. Conner High School – Team Alpha
  2. Conner High School – Team Bravo
  3. South Warren High School

May 5, 2014
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Frankfort High Aerospace Academy, a 141 Flight School

Photo: Frankfort High School Aerospace Academy has received a 141 Federal Flight School Certification which is a very prestigious honor among Flight Training centers and Aviation Universities. This makes this Certification even more of an honor since this 141 certificate was issued to a High School program!Frankfort High School Aerospace Academy has received a 141 Federal Flight School Certification which is a very prestigious honor among Flight Training centers and Aviation Universities. This makes this Certification even more of an honor since this 141 certificate was issued to a High School program!

Shannon Bengeyfield, Operations Inspector at the Louisville Flight Standards District Office of the FAA, presented the certification to Mike Wagers, our Chief Pilot. Many thanks to Mike Wagers for his hard work in this acheivement. Also photographed are Becky Barnes (FIS Board of Education), Rich Crowe (Superintendent), Michael Godbey (Principal), Dr. Tim Smith (Executive Director and CEO of The Institute for Aerospace Education) and students from Frankfort High School Aerospace Academy.

May 5, 2014
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IAE_GirlsCamp1The IAE Girls Aero Camp! This is great opportunity for 9th grade girls! Participants will interact with women that have achieved their dreams in aerospace: engineers, pilots, aircraft mechanics, and air traffic controllers. This will be a great event for girls interested in trying something new. AND IT IS FREE!

Go ahead and register. Here is the link:

May 1, 2014
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Busy Time of Year

This is the busiest time of the year for the Institute. Please make plans to attend these events.

  • Wing Design Competition and IAE Flight Challenge at Lake Cumberland Regional Airport on May 17th.
  • IAE Flight Camp begins after students pass FAA Written Examination.
  • IAE Teacher Workshop (Frankfort) on June 19-20.
  • Legacy of Flight on June 19 (Purchase Tickets)
  • 2014 Airventure on July 28-Aug 3

January 27, 2014
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Institute for Aerospace Education Planning UAS Design Challenge

quadracopter for Unmanned Career Path(FRANKFORT, Ky.) – The Institute for Aerospace Education is proud to announce future plans for a Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) design challenge. The competition will be available to all schools in the IAE network. Similar to the Wing Design Challenge, this event will provide students with hands-on experience with technology, aeronautics, and physics. Participating teams will be given a task or obstacle course that their UAS must navigate through successfully. The teams will be heavily involved in all steps of production, from the design process to implementation.

Rules and guidelines for building a UAS will be given out in June, giving schools the entire 2014/2015 school year to complete the challenge before competing in May. The challenge is created by support from ThetaTech Solutions from Louisville, who is proud to work with IAE on this UAS challenge.

If you want to learn more about the Institute for Aerospace Education, please contact Dr. Tim Smith, Executive Director and CEO, at or by phone at (502)320-9490.

September 24, 2013
by Tori Williams
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Aviation Day 2013

Seniors at Aviation DayOn Saturday, September 21, 2013 Capital City airport hosted their annual Aviation Day for the general public. Rainy skies on this early morning could not dampen the spirits of those presenting and assisting with festivities. Vendors rushed in the cold drizzle to set up their booths and prepare for the curious crowds that would soon arrive. A lot was to be done by students of The Institute of Aerospace Education, who were in charge of facilitating a basic ground school, flight simulator experience, offering concessions, as well as hosting an informational booth. I donned my IAE polo and cheerfully followed instructions to aid in setup, then returned to my assigned position at our booth. I saw many of my peers take charge and do an amazing job with preparation and arrangements for the day.
     Despite having to fight against the rain and wind, everything for Aviation Day was soon set up and ready to go. Cadets from the Franklin County Air Force JROTC ushered in traffic, and a slow stream of early visitors began to appear. To the right of the IAE booth was a booth for the Aviation Museum of Kentucky. To the left was a booth for the aviation program at Eastern Kentucky University. I had a nice time chatting with Capt. Louis Johnson about EKU before visitors had made their way back towards our booths. Soon we were off, answering questions and telling about the programs that we represent.
     It was a perfect progression of information, with the summer camps offered by the Aviation Museum of Kentucky being the first stop for visitors out our way. Next was our IAE booth, explaining how a student could continue their aerospace education in high school. After that was EKU, with their amazing program for a professional career in aviation. I talked with several families who showed an interest in what we have to offer, giving them information and then sending them towards the IAE ground school and flight experience. The brilliant Cate Colette who was also working the booth had the idea of bringing her airplane and helicopter stamps, so we let young visitors pick their flying machine of choice and stamp them on their hand.
Aircraft     Around eleven o’clock the clouds began to move away and the sun started shining. Crowds had really begun to thicken, and Young Eagle flights started departing with their ecstatic passengers. You could feel the joy of aviation enthusiasts of all ages as activities continued on.
     Soon I was able to take my lunch break, so I headed towards the main hangar to find concessions. During my walk I was able to see the static displays of many neat aircraft. The Institute’s Twin Comanche joined such displays as a Piper Navajo, King Air 200, and Blackhawk. I reached the opposite side of the ramp and got a glimpse at the line for Young Eagles flights, which stretched the entire length of the large hangar. It was encouraging to see so many kids interested in taking a flight, and I hope they all got their wish before the day was over.
     I followed the delicious smell of hamburgers and hotdogs to the concession stand. Fellow senior Junior Herrera greeted me with a happy but slightly stressed out smile. He, Jim Cline, Barbara Adams and a few students had been ceaselessly serving customers throughout the entire morning. Their freshly grilled food and cold soft drinks enticed the appetite of hundreds of visitors. I quickly grabbed a hotdog and coke, then moved away to the center of the ramp to begin eating as I took everything in. Small children rode around at my feet in tricycles fashioned with the appearance of airplanes, and I watched the almost constant stream of aircraft taking off and landing on runway 25. It was exhilarating to see so much fun and excitement being had at the airport that I am most familiar with.
Flight Sims     Nearing the end of my lunch break, I traveled back to the end of the ramp and checked in on my friends hosting the ground school and flight experiences. Sammie Tinnel and Jason Smith taught their small classes with impressive knowledge and passion. By the end of the day they had done more than 6 sessions for interested groups. They covered the basics of flight, what causes an airplane to fly, and how to control an aircraft effectively. I listened for a few minutes, then went to see how those on the flight simulators were doing. A total of 75-100 visitors had a chance to try out a simulator, and were really enjoying themselves in doing so.
     Back at the IAE booth I finished out the day by talking to more visitors and then helping everyone take down their displays. Although the day started out rainy and cold, it ended with beautiful weather and hundreds of happy attendees. Aviation Day 2013 was a great success!